We take great pride in the quality of our grazing and paddocks are rotated, irrigated and fitted with automated water troughs. Live-out and stabled horses live in groups of 3 to 6. We believe that a relaxed horse is a happy horse and we will strive to keep your horse with minimal interference to his routine and daily activities once settled here.


Current Livery Fees: 

Live-out from R3500/month

Stabled from R4300/month

Retirement R2500/month 

Our livery fee includes a balanced base diet suitable for easy keepers and extra feed can easily be added at cost price. It also includes shavings and oathay for stabled horses, daily hoof care, blanketing, fly-masking and fly-spraying and, where possible,  the administration of certain medicines.

Horses are fed twice a day. The bulk of all of our horses’ diets consist of lucerne, oathay, shandy, Speedi-Beet and oil. Concentrates only serve as a top up depending on the workload and breed; resulting in healthy, well-nourished horses that are pleasurable to ride.

We offer barefoot trimming and have helped many horses make the transition to barefoot successfully. We organise services like farrier and dentist or horse owners are welcome to bring their own. We have qualified, experienced grooms and also offer additional grooming services like washing, mane pulling and plaiting.







We cater for both competitive riders and happy hackers with safe, unlimited outrides in the vineyards.

Other facilities include:

* Sand 40 x 20m dressage arena

* Grass jumping arena

* Sand 60 x 20m dressage arena

* 20m Lunging ring for riding and free jumping

* Secure tackroom

* Toilet

*CCTV and infrared beams surveillance in and around stables and tackroom

* Grooming / tacking-up bays

* Washing bay with complimentary shampoo, flyspray and mane and tail

* Horsebox parking and transport services.

We are open to suggestions and ideas and the yard is continually upgraded with exciting new facilities.

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 Which option for you?

Live-out livery:

Our live-out horses have permanent access to large shelters and are separated at feeding time. We have accepted many Thoroughbreds and crossbreeds alike that have been stabled all their lives and with adequate blanketing all of them have adjusted perfectly to living out throughout the year.

Advantages of living out:

* Trickle feeding (grazing) means healthier horses.

* Horses do not become as fresh as their stabled counterparts.

* No boredom in the paddock means that vices like windsucking can be managed.

* A natural lifestyle cuts anxiety out completely.

* The risk of colic is greatly reduced, even for horses with stomach ulcers.

* Horses are only handled outside of the paddock by their owners, enabling discipline by the handler to be consistent.


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Stabled livery:

Some of our owners choose to stable their horses. Stabled horses spend the night in 4mx4m, well ventilated, barn style brick stables and are turned out to graze during the day with plenty of trees to act as shelter from the wind or sun. This option is for more competitive riders or for horses that battle to keep weight on during the winter months.



Our horses on the retirement section of the farm live in a herd environment of up to 10 horses of all ages in big grass pastures. Horses are fed and treatments applied once daily. This a live-out option with no arenas or blankets, but beautiful outrides are accessible from right outside the paddock gate.

Suitable for:


Retired horses

Horses recovering from injury

Happy hackers

Endurance riders